SMA America Celebrates Milestone of More than 20 GW of Large-Scale Installations

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SMA America Celebrates Milestone of More than 20 GW of Large-Scale Installations

SMA America is celebrating a major milestone; 20 GW of large-scale solar installed in North America!

The American subsidiary’s growing installation base contributes to the company’s total global base, which now exceeds 105 GW.

“We applaud our team’s dedication to growth and excellence in this rapidly growing industry,” said Jay Arghestani, Vice President of the Large-Scale Business Segment for SMA America. “This accomplishment demonstrates SMA’s unsurpassed experience in the successful deployment of PV and battery storage technologies for our large-scale customers, and we are thankful for the trust they’ve put in our company when it comes to reliability, performance and quality.”

Nearly 1,400 different projects contributed to the 20 GW total, spanning 40 states in the U.S. and four Canadian provinces. These projects utilize a handful of SMA’s notable large-scale solutions, including SMA’s Medium Voltage Power Stations in PV configurations using the Sunny Central, Sunny Central-UP and previous models. The install base also consists of battery storage configurations using the Sunny Central Storage inverter.

“We are pleased that SMA solutions for solar and battery storage applications are so successful in the US and Canadian markets,” said Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President Sales & Service at SMA. “Our systems and solutions are contributing to the expansion of renewable energy supply worldwide. It is great to see that many years of experience, high system competence and commitment are convincing and that we can score with reliability, performance and quality. We are on the right track with our business and will continue to follow it.”

SMA’s large-scale business is booming as more customers realize the value that SMA’s vast experience and track record bring to their projects. With SMA’s reliability comes less risk over the lifetime of a project and the ability to facilitate new, emerging revenue streams through inverter-based resources.

As large-scale applications evolve, SMA is committed to developing best-in-class design and delivering innovative technology to ensure each product and solution meets the needs of its customers.

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