Alexandra Alejandro

Marketing Program Manager at SMA America

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An Geysenbergh

Technical Consultant and Trainer at SMA Benelux

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Dr. Andreas Paetzold

Platform Product Manager in the Large-Scale Business Segment

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Andreas Strusch

Platform Manager Digital Solutions

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Anja Jasper

Head of Corporate Communication

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Charles Wang

Sales Director SMA China

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Chiara Marchese

Marketing and Communication Manager SMA Italia

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Christiane Keim

Community Manager at SMA

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Claudia Jakob

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Dagmar Buth-Parvaresh

Public Relations Professional

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Damian Ponce

Technical Promoter SMA Iberica

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Daniel Russart

Internal Communication Professional, Corporate Communication

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Daniel Strömer

Head of Business Development and Partner Management

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David Lawson

Director Marketing SMA France

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Eduardo Vidalon

Sales Director SMA Iberica

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Eric Quiring

Public Affairs Specialist

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Falko Schmidt

Product Manager Digital Home Solutions

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Hannes Knopf

Senior Expert Standards and Committee Work

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Henry Valentin

Technical Writer

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Ikuha Fujiwara

Marketing Manager SMA Japan

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Judit Berruezo

Marketing Manager SMA Iberica

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Jürgen Reinert

Jürgen Reinert has been with SMA since 2011, a member of the Managing Board since 2014 and CEO of SMA since October 2018. Since he experienced in his childhood in Namibia how important a reliable and clean energy supply is, renewable energies have been a central topic for him.

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Katrina Zhang

Marketing Manager SMA China

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Lisa Spangenberg

E-Mobility Expert and Product Manager Power Conversion Home

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Lucie Espie

Marketing Officer SMA France

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Mariska Daniller

Digital & Distribution Sales Manager Middle East and Africa

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Mathias Ahlert

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Megan Desideri

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Senior Technical Trainer, Solar Academy, SMA America. Mike hosts webinars and in-person trainings on SMA America’s string inverters, communication products and design tools.

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Mila Druwe

Content Marketing Manager Western Europe

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Oezer Kara

Global Technical Consultant

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Philippe Hoylaerts

Application Engineer SMA Benelux

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Sabrina Koehn

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Scott Partlin

Working towards a 100% Renewable power system

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Shailza Mittal

Marketing Manager – India & SEA

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Shyam Lohidakshan

Product Manager

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SMA Brasil

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Zeynep Kaya

Sales and Marketing SMA Turkey

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Susanne Henkel

Senior Corporate Press Professional

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Trish Moratto

Public Relations Specialist SMA America

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Ufuk Keser

Account Manager SMA Turkey

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Verena Griffiths

Marketing Manager Australia

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Vincent Mathely

Sales Director SMA France

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Wan Like

Technical Sales Manager

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