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Why Solar Is Far from Finished but Has Just Begun

Huge potential

In times of feed-in tariff cuts, there are many prophecies of doom for solar. Companies in different countries around the world have gone bankrupt and have had to shut down their factories. Reason enough for many to believe that the end is near. Not quite. Yes, in 2012 as the industry began consolidating, PV production recorded its first annual drop. But because demand continues to rise this contraction will be short-lived. Global solar developments show that this industry is far from finished but that the journey has only just begun.

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ATRAA 2013: PV Solutions on Display in Australia

SMA Australia at ATRAA 2013

Australia’s biggest clean energy event took place in Brisbane at the end of July. The Clean Energy Council, coupled with The Alternative Technology Retailers Association of Australia (ATRAA), hosts Australia’s largest renewable energy trade show that focuses on solar.

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Basic Information About Designing Systems for Self-consumption

Photovoltaic power

Now that grid parity has been reached in Germany, self-consumption of solar energy has become the most cost-efficient way to operate a new PV system. The new motto: Use the electricity you generate for your own needs instead of feeding it into the grid.

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SMA Researches E-Mobility

SMA Wallbox

A black-and-white compact car, a thick cable with an oversized plug in the fuel tank opening, a gray box about the size of an inverter, and a PC. At first glance, the whole thing looks a bit like a gas station – only without the smell of gasoline. And I’m not too far off the mark: This is SMA’s research on e-mobility.

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Intersolar 2013: Our Highlights

Despite all the prophecies of doom, Intersolar Europe showed once again that the solar industry is far from finished, but that its success story has just begun.

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SMAll Talk #2: SMA at the Intersolar Europe 2013

Interview with Marko Werner, Chief Sales Officer, about SMA’s innovations at the biggest solar exhibition of the world, profitability of photovoltaics and his personal highlights.

Enjoy the video!

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“Pioneer Time is Over”


Interview with Jeanette Klockgether, Executive Vice President Power Plant Solutions (Sales & Marketing), about future trends for utility grade PV systems.

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“Larger Off-Grid Systems for developing markets”


Interview with Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President Off-Grid Solutions, about future trends for Off-Grid systems.

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