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What is a Micro Inverter?


Check out our new comic video to find out what a micro inverter is and why it’s different from its big brother, the string inverter.

The smallest SMA inverter, the Sunny Boy 240, is now also available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Benelux.

Enjoy the video!


You can find more information on our website.


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2013 Recap: Your Top SMA Images

Fanposts 2013

As the year 2013 draws to a close, it is time for us to look back. We published many posts and articles on our different channels, but we also received many questions, suggestions, links and great images from you. Many of them made us smile, laugh and be proud of the solar technology.

Reason enough to show you our favorite images from YOU in 2013. Thank you!

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Service Tip: Give It Space


Inverter manufacturers recommend maintaining a certain amount of clearance around the units to ensure adequate air circulation. This helps prevent derating, which is when performance is reduced to protect the electronic components. It is important for installers to know and follow the recommended clearances whenever possible so as to avoid additional expenditures for ventilation systems.

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Famous Places You Didn’t Know Used SMA Inverters


Many well-known sights and places have installed solar to welcome the 21st century. Many of them make use of SMA inverters. We want to introduce five of them to you – how many would you have guessed?

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IKEA UK to Sell PV Systems in stores

Ikea UK sells SMA inverter

The Swedish furniture giant has added PV systems to the products it sells in the UK. Within the next ten months customers will be able to buy PV systems at each of the UK’s 17 IKEA stores.

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Zambia Students Shine, Thanks to First Solar-Powered High School in Africa

Zambia: First solar powered high school in Africa
Mark Ruffalo, actor and activist joined officials to celebrate at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Mark Ruffalo, actor and activist, celebrated with key officials at the ribbon cutting ceremony and commissioning.

Sioma High School serves a large area of Western Zambia, Africa. Its more than 600 students walk, sometimes for several days, to get to the campus, where they will live for the entire semester. Sioma High School’s four dormitories, kitchen and dining halls, and seven classrooms, were powered by three dirty and inefficient diesel generators that ran throughout the day, creating an unhealthy learning environment filled with noise and air pollution. It was susceptible to the fluctuating price and unpredictable delivery of diesel, which costs the school approximately $26,000 each year. That is, until Empowered by Light stepped in.

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What to Look for When Choosing Your Inverter


Photovoltaic solar arrays generate high DC voltages. The job of the inverter is to safely and efficiently convert the DC energy source to an AC energy feed, allowing the customer to receive as much of the solar panel array’s energy as possible. Inverters must be able to handle high voltages and currents under harsh conditions – they are part of an inverter’s everyday life. However, not all solar inverters are equal, as James Walker, Director of Energy Matters, found out. Check out his video to learn more about what to look for when choosing your inverter.

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From the Idea to the Implementation: The Sunny Boy Smart Energy

Sunny Boy Smart Energy

The first wall-mounted, mass-produced PV inverter with an integrated battery can increase the self-consumption of solar power in households by up to 50%. That’s why the product received the Intersolar AWARD at Intersolar Europe 2013. Interview with Martin Rothert, Director of Product Management, and Volker Wachenfeld, Senior Vice President of Hybrid and Storage who had the idea to this innovation.

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PV Plants and Flooding – What Should You Do?

Even though the water is receding in many places, the floods in Germany and Eastern Europe still pose a threat. Many PV plants are also affected in the areas experiencing flooding. However, plant operators and rescue workers often don’t know what to do when an inverter is located in a flooded basement.

That’s why we talked to Adrian Häring. Adrian is an SMA expert on the installation and safety of PV plants. As a firefighter he has often responded to flooding events.

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Australian PV Hits the One Million Mark

Cockatoo Island in Sydney

It was a proud moment for the Australian PV Industry last month when it was revealed that more than one million homes and businesses throughout Australia now have PV systems installed and registered under the country’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme.

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“Energy Management with SMA Smart Home”

Energy Management with SMA Smart Home


Interview with Andreas Umland, Director Strategic Product Management, about SMA Smart Home at the Intersolar Europe 2012.

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“Extending the warranty gives security”

Karsten Bachmann im Interview

In the SMA warranty concept brochure, SMA explains how solar power professionals can best incorporate the SMA warranty concept into their own service portfolios. But what advantages does it have for plant operators? Why should they decide to purchase an extended warranty? And what are the best arguments for solar power professionals to use? I interviewed Karsten Bachmann, our Product Manager Services, to find out.

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