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Tech Tip: Sunny WebBox Assistant

Got a Sunny WebBox that’s ready to configure?

Solar Academy trainer Mike Mahon demonstrates how to download and run the Sunny WebBox Assistant to remotely configure a Sunny WebBox. Step-by-step instructions show how to create and save a system monitoring profile and how to send it wirelessly to the Sunny WebBox.

Have a question for the Solar Academy trainers? Send it to socialmedia@sma-america.com and we might just answer your question in our next Tech Tip!


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The Top 5 Solar Stories in February 2014

top solar stories feb 14

These are the top stories you can’t miss in February:

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Sunrise for the People of Bamyan, Afghanistan

Afghanistan PV Plant

The Bamyan province in Central Afghanistan is famous for its giant Buddha statues that were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. So far, people in this area have had no electrical system. They either relied on small diesel generators or domestic solar panels for their electricity supply or they had no access to electricity at all. This has changed recently. The Bamyan Renewable Energy Programme brought sustainable and cost-efficient solar energy to their lives.

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The Most Important Solar Statistics of 2013

Sunny Year for Solar

Add these numbers together and what do you get? Another big year for solar PV. 

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Famous Places You Didn’t Know Used SMA Inverters


Many well-known sights and places have installed solar to welcome the 21st century. Many of them make use of SMA inverters. We want to introduce five of them to you – how many would you have guessed?

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The Top 5 Solar Stories in October 2013

SMA Top Solar Stories
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

These are the top stories you can’t miss in October:


1.      The 7 Reasons Why The Solar Revolution Took Off

 Solar is up 700% since 2001. Fossil fuels and nuclear barely even register. Reason enough to chronicle how solar has been able to explode in the past decade.

Read this interesting Business Insider article to learn about the rise of solar.

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IKEA UK to Sell PV Systems in stores

Ikea UK sells SMA inverter

The Swedish furniture giant has added PV systems to the products it sells in the UK. Within the next ten months customers will be able to buy PV systems at each of the UK’s 17 IKEA stores.

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10 Ways To Save Money & Energy Using The Sun


One of the best ways to save money is also one of the greenest decisions we can make: that decision is the decision to save more energy. We waste a tremendous amount of energy in the US. Recent studies have found that we waste 61% to 84% of our energy in the US, and that we use 11 times more energy than the UK despite having only 5 times the population.

Energy is a huge portion of most people’s expenses. Cutting back just a bit on our energy usage could save money (tons of money) for all sorts of better things.

So, with all that on the table, what are the most effective ways to save money using the sun? I think all of the solar-related ways to save money (by saving energy) listed below are excellent solutions for the average American, but you can decide for yourself by evaluating the option as it applies to your own home or business.

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Zambia Students Shine, Thanks to First Solar-Powered High School in Africa

Zambia: First solar powered high school in Africa
Mark Ruffalo, actor and activist joined officials to celebrate at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Mark Ruffalo, actor and activist, celebrated with key officials at the ribbon cutting ceremony and commissioning.

Sioma High School serves a large area of Western Zambia, Africa. Its more than 600 students walk, sometimes for several days, to get to the campus, where they will live for the entire semester. Sioma High School’s four dormitories, kitchen and dining halls, and seven classrooms, were powered by three dirty and inefficient diesel generators that ran throughout the day, creating an unhealthy learning environment filled with noise and air pollution. It was susceptible to the fluctuating price and unpredictable delivery of diesel, which costs the school approximately $26,000 each year. That is, until Empowered by Light stepped in.

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5 Remarkable Uses of Solar

Source: club alpine francais

Solar has become the new norm and can be seen on rooftops and in large-scale commercial projects all over the world.  It has become a key component in many fascinating projects that might give us a sneak peak at what the future holds. Here we’ll introduce five interesting solar projects that push the boundaries of technology.

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The Five Hottest Solar Gadgets

solar gadgets

It’s amazing what solar energy can move, illuminate and operate. It lengthens the day after the sun goes down, provides energy where is no utility grid and – just as important – froths milk. Here is a random selection of five solar-powered devices we came across while surfing the Internet.

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Smart Leasing

Smart Leasing

More and more Americans are using photovoltaics to become independent from rising electricity prices. However, most of them are no longer purchasing their PV systems; instead, they are choosing a complete solar service package, an option that is also referred to as solar leasing. Leasing instead of buying – a business model, which established itself in the automobile industry years ago, could also become a worldwide model for success in the solar sector. An interview with Edward Fenster, one of the founders and CEO of Sunrun, and Bates Marshall, vice president of medium power solutions at SMA America.

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