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Service Tip: Setting up Sunny Boy Storage to control export of SMA PV inverters

Service Tip Setting up Sunny Boy Storage to control export of SMA PV inverters

AC-coupled battery storage allows any new or existing PV system to flexibly add battery storage. The new Sunny Boy Storage is the simplest solution for adding battery storage to PV systems using new high voltage batteries such as the LG Chem RESU10U. However when adding battery storage to a PV system, grid operators may place additional requirements on the system such as limiting the export of energy from both the battery and PV inverters to the grid. With its smart capabilities, the Sunny Boy Storage is able to limit export of energy to the grid not only for itself, but also for up to three SMA PV inverters.

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Generator Settings on the Sunny Island for Off-Grid Systems


The SMA Sunny Island is a grid-forming battery inverter that can be used for the construction of stand-alone power supply systems. The Sunny Island inverters are capable of forming an AC grid, this sine wave can be used as an interface for PV inverters to synchronize and feed power into the system which is used for supplying loads and recharging batteries.

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Service Tip: Accessing inverter information from new generation SMA inverters using WiFi and the Web User Interface


For improved long term reliability in the field, new generation SMA inverters do not have a built-in display. Instead these inverters utilise WiFi with a built-in Web User Interface (WebUI) to turn any smart device into an inverter display, even when the inverter is not connected to the internet. Connecting to the inverter’s WebUI can allow access to real-time performance of the inverter, as well as event and error log information. Such information can be useful to an installer or home owner either during system commissioning, field operation, or troubleshooting if things ever go wrong.

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Service Tip: Activating and Deactivating the WLAN interface on Sunny Boy Inverters with Built-in WiFi


New generation Sunny Boy inverters provide customers with great flexibility due to their integrated WLAN and Webconnect interfaces. This allows direct access to the user interface of the inverter for smooth commissioning and configuration. It also provides an option for local monitoring via the inverter’s user interface or online monitoring via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places. However in some instances a customer or installer may prefer to turn off the WLAN function in the inverter (e.g. privacy, not used, etc.). The step by step procedure to switch off and switch on the WLAN in the inverter is described below.

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Service Tip: How to connect a Sunny Boy inverter with built-in WiFi to a local wireless network


There are many benefits for connecting your Sunny Boy inverter to the internet, such as real-time monitoring, remote fault diagnosis, easy access to SMA online platforms, among many others. New generation Sunny Boy inverters now come equipped with built-in WiFi and an Ethernet port for monitoring.

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Service Tip: How to change grid parameters for SMA inverters in Sunny Explorer


One of the most important steps during the commissioning process is connecting the inverter to the grid.  For the inverter to be suitable for the local grid, the correct country standards must be selected. However, in some areas, customized grid settings of the inverter need to be configured to meet the special requirements of the local utility grid. Wrong grid settings can cause inverters to frequently cut off or affect the stability of the local grid. SMA inverters have flexible grid settings which can easily be changed via Sunny Explorer. Your SMA inverter can easily meet the requirements from local grid providers and have a stable grid connection at the same time.

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Service Tip: Changing the inverter’s network setting using SMA Connection Assist


When it’s not possible to locate an SMA inverter using Sunny Explorer or other SMA communication devices, SMA CONNECTION ASSIST is the perfect tool to use. SMA Connection Assist can be used to change the inverter’s network setting using Speedwire connection. As every installation site has its own level of network security, many high-level network securities require a static IP address setup so that the IP address of the inverter doesn’t come into conflict with the IP address of the devices used by the client on a daily basis.

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Service Tip: When Do I Need PIC and RID for the Sunny Portal?


Via our comments function, we frequently receive questions about registering in Sunny Portal and entering the product identification code (PIC) and the registration identifier (RID).

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Service Tip: What If the Connection to Sunny Portal Doesn’t Work?

Sunny Portal

A faulty or nonexistent connection from the inverter or Sunny Home Manager to Sunny Portal can occur for several reasons. In this post, we present a brief tutorial to help you restore the connection quickly. If something goes wrong, simply follow the steps below. It’s a good idea to rule out these potential sources of errors before calling the SMA Service Line.

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Service Tip: SMA PUK – How to Regain Access to Your System Data

SMA Service tip PUK

As promised in our previous post, we will be covering the SMA PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) in today’s service tip. We explain how your devices can be unlocked to restore normal access to your system data.

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Service Tip: Short-Term Solution for Logging into Sunny Design

Sunny Design

Since the last update of Sunny Design (version 3.2), some of our customers have not been able to log into Sunny Design via the Windows desktop application using their e-mail address and password. The following error message appears:

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Service Tip: Pay Attention When Assigning Password in Sunny Portal

The pv system password in Sunny Portal

The Service Line has been receiving a lot of questions about passwords lately. Some customers want to know why they can no longer access the inverter in a PV system using their password. Why is this happening?

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