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Off-Grid Workshop at a Co-operative Community in Australia

Solar Academy Training

Charles and I both attended a four-day off-grid workshop held by The Australian Solar Council. We travelled to a site about an hour’s drive east of Melbourne to a small co-operative community. The workshop focused on off-grid systems, PV system design, battery sizing and load profiling. Here is our story.

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PV Brings New Life to Villagers in Mozambique


Another megawatt class off-grid PV system went into operation in Mozambique. The project was originally launched at the request of the Mozambican government to provide an electricity supply to three areas that have no connection to the local utility grid. Until now, the people in Muembe, Mavago and Mecula relied on candlelight and firewood. Now, they can dream of a better life and live a longer day with light from an off-grid system.

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Sunrise for the People of Bamyan, Afghanistan

Afghanistan PV Plant

The Bamyan province in Central Afghanistan is famous for its giant Buddha statues that were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. So far, people in this area have had no electrical system. They either relied on small diesel generators or domestic solar panels for their electricity supply or they had no access to electricity at all. This has changed recently. The Bamyan Renewable Energy Programme brought sustainable and cost-efficient solar energy to their lives.

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Electricity From a Container – a Village Development Project in Malawi


More than 1.3 billion people – or 22 percent of the world’s population – still live without electrical power. They live predominantly in rural regions without a connection to the grid. In September 2013, Harald Leitl and his team flew to Chilonga in Malawi in East Africa to set up a stable, maintenance-free power supply with the help of solar technology. We spoke to Harald Leitl, the managing director of the German Gablenz-based company Umweltcentrum für Haustechnik (Environmental Center for Housing Technology).

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Video Update: Dream of First Solar-Powered High School in Africa becomes a Reality

In a previous blog post, we introduced Sioma High School, located in Western Zambia, Africa. The school, which houses more than 600 students each semester, was powered by three dirty, noisy and inefficient diesel generators that cost about $26,000 in fuel per year. However, that all changed when the non-profit organization Empowered by Light created a healthier learning environment for the students by outfitting the school with a 24-kilowatt solar microgrid and battery storage system.

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How does the SMA Fuel Save Solution work?


On this blog we have already posted numerous articles on PV diesel hybrid systems, each describing PV diesel hybrid systems and what steps must be taken to install and manage such a system. The SMA Fuel Save Solution combines diesel and photovoltaics into a hybrid system, minimizing CO2 emissions and high fuel costs.

This video explains how the system works. Enjoy it.

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Quiet on the Set! No Noisy Generators for Jason Bateman’s New Film

Jason Bateman on the movie set of "Bad Words", standing in front of a mobile solar trailer.

Jason Bateman, a film and television actor best known for his role as Michael Bluth on the sitcom “Arrested Development,” is adding director to his long list of accomplishments. Bateman’s directorial debut of “Bad Words,” an indie film about a childhood spelling bee contestant who sets out to win as an adult, is screening at the Toronto International Film Festival September 5–15, 2013. While Bateman is redefining his role in Hollywood as a director, he is also helping pave a path in the film industry for clean renewable energy.

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Life-Saving PV: Electricity Supply for Tsunami Early Warning System

SMA Tsunami warning system

During the Christmas season of 2004, a tsunami flooded the Indonesian coast and thousands of people lost their lives. In the wake of this disaster, around 100 early warning systems were installed at sea for the early detection of tsunamis. The measuring devices may look like inconspicuous buoys but are actually extremely sensitive and highly complex.

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SMAll Talk #3: The Fuel Save Revolution

At the moment, the latest SMA innovations are on display at Intersolar Europe, the largest solar trade fair in the world.

We talked with our expert Jens about the features and benefits of a Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid System.

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What Is a Solar Diesel Hybrid System?

SMA Fuel Save Solution

In many regions of the world, power grids are either inadequate or nonexistent. As a result, industrial consumers often ensure their power supply through diesel gensets. Five hundred gigawatts of power from diesel genset provide industrial companies with electricity worldwide. However, fuel costs for the gensets continue to rise. 

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Solar Powered Hospital Project in South Sudan

His House of Hope, Solar Powered Hospital Project in South Sudan

South Sudan’s maternal mortality is the worst in the world, quoted as 2054 per 100 000 live births, in the 2006 Sudan Household Survey. This translates to at least 1 in 10 mothers dying as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. The infant and childhood mortality rates are quoted as 102 and 235 deaths per 1000 live births, respectively, in a 2008 WHO interim report. One in four children under the age of 5 are malnourished and only 10% are fully vaccinated.

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First PV Diesel Hybrid System in the Megawatts Goes into Operation

Photovoltaic systems can substantially reduce the operating costs of industrial plants – like the standalone power system, which SMA equipped with the required fuel save controller, in this mine in South Africa. Diesel generator output: 2 x 800 kVA; photovoltaic output: 1 MWp; savings according to SMA: up to 450,000 liters of diesel per year.

The first PV diesel project in the megawatts was commissioned in Thabazimbi in November 2012 and, as a future development engineer, I was granted the opportunity of being present for the commissioning of this flagship project.

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