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PV Investment Grade: Grid Parity begins in Italy


More than 300 people attended the SMA Italia Conference, held in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano’s Energy & Strategy Group.

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Solar Power Becomes Competitive in Italy

The solar power plants in Montalto di Castro, Italy

In more and more regions around the world, solar energy is rapidly becoming competitive with traditional energy sources – and profitable without government support. An impressive example is Italy’s largest unsubsidized PV project, which was recently commissioned in Montalto di Castro in Central Italy.

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Revamping Photovoltaic Systems in Italy

Revamping Photovoltaic Systems in Italy

Turning crisis into opportunity: Despite the fact that the installation of new PV systems has dropped by several megawatts, a new and promising trend known as revamping has developed in Italy.

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Tax Deductions for Italian PV Plants


The Italian market has traditionally been one of the biggest PV markets in the world. In fact, in Italy PV already covers 5 percent of the electricity demand and more than 10 percent of the peak demand. Since 2012, the market has trended toward commercial and residential installations. This shift in the market has been affected by a review of the policy surrounding cuts to feed-in tariffs and incentives that primarily affected residential and commercial plants rather than multi-megawatt plants.

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