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A New Direction in Inverter Development

Agile methods have become the standard in software development. SMA employees have now employed this principle for the first time for an inverter prototype.

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SMA Test Center: The World in a Lab [Video]

More is expected of them than of others: SMA solar inverters must work perfectly for many years. No matter in which country, in which climate, or to which power network they are connected.

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Flexible Module Level Power Optimization with SMA and Tigo Energy

With the smart module technology TS4, SMA and Tigo Energy for the first time offer PV system operators to equip individual PV modules with additional functions. For example, when trees or dormers cause partial shading, only the modules that are affected need to be equipped with an optimizer.

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Service Tip: Changing the inverter’s network setting using SMA Connection Assist


When it’s not possible to locate an SMA inverter using Sunny Explorer or other SMA communication devices, SMA CONNECTION ASSIST is the perfect tool to use. SMA Connection Assist can be used to change the inverter’s network setting using Speedwire connection. As every installation site has its own level of network security, many high-level network securities require a static IP address setup so that the IP address of the inverter doesn’t come into conflict with the IP address of the devices used by the client on a daily basis.

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FV Eviricinize yüklenmeniz için 7 neden


Bir FV eviriciye yüklenmek, eviricinin DC tarafına anma AC çıkış gücünden daha büyük olan, standart test koşullarında ölçülmüş anma DC gücüne sahip bir FV dizinin bağlanması anlamına gelmektedir (DC @ STC > AC). Bu, maksimum enerji miktarını mümkün olan en düşük maliyetle üretmeyi hedefleyen sistem tasarımcıları için değerli bir yaklaşım olabilir. Bu yazıda FV eviricilere DC taraftan yüklenmek ile ilgili nedenler ve dikkate alınacak önemli faktörler özetlenmiştir.

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4 razones por las que merece la pena extender la garantía de los inversores

SMA Extended Warranty

Los propietarios de un inversor de SMA pueden dormir tranquilos durante los primeros 5 años. Esa es precisamente la garantía de fábrica de todos los equipos. Para poder hacer uso del servicio completo de la garantía del fabricante incluso pasado ese tiempo, es recomendable optar para vuestros inversores por una extensión de la garantía.
Aquí os explicamos por qué:


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7 Reasons Why You Should Oversize Your PV Array


Oversizing a PV array, also referred to as undersizing a PV inverter, involves installing a PV array with a rated DC power (measured @ Standard Test Conditions) which is larger than an inverter’s rated AC output power (i.e. DC @ STC > AC). It can be a valuable tool for system designers seeking to deliver a maximum amount of energy at a lowest possible specific cost. Reasons for oversizing PV arrays and important factors to consider are summarised below.

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String versus Micro – Which is the Right Choice?

string inverter vs micro inverter

When it comes to making decisions about a PV system, one of the most common decisions a system owner has to make is whether to choose a micro inverter or a string inverter. As one of the only inverter manufacturers globally to offer a full range of micro, string and central inverters, SMA is best placed to understand the difference between each of these products and technologies, and provide the product best suited to each specific application. Below we discuss a number of factors related to PV systems and the relative advantages of both micro and string inverters to help make the right technology choice for each individual application.

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“Quality Pays Off”


Dieter Frosch’s PV system combines the pioneering spirit of the early 1990s with state-of-the-art technology

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Largest rooftop PV system in Latin America keeps PepsiCo plant fizzing


PepsiCo is one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, with 22 diverse and beloved brands including Pepsi, Lay’s, Tropicana, Quaker and Gatorade. At PepsiCo’s bottling plant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, beverage company Embotelladora de Sula, S.A. (EMSULA) utilizes specially designed blowing machines to craft its own bottles, which are filled with some of the world’s most popular carbonated beverages, water, juices and energy drinks.

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Success Story: 1 Million Sunny Boy TL Inverters Sold Worldwide

SMA Success: 1 Mio Sunny Boys

SMA has been making and selling PV inverters for over 30 years. But no product has been installed as often as the Sunny Boy TL: launched in 2008, the one-millionth unit from this product family was sold in June 2015. As a result, the Sunny Boy is the bestselling inverter of its class worldwide. Its total installed output – more than four gigawatts – is enough to replace four typical nuclear power plants. The Sunny Boy TL, in other words, is an SMA symbol of the global energy transition. It is mainly used in single-family homes, proving that photovoltaics has beaten all the odds to enter people’s minds and hearts. The Sunny Boy is the global standard for homeowners who want to contribute to the supply of sustainable energy.

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Five Reasons Why Cooperation Between SMA and Danfoss Promises Success


If you look through many children’s books leading up to Christmas, you will often come across the image of hardworking elves making toys and wrapping gifts before the big day, so that Santa Claus can bring them to all the children on time. They busy themselves, packing and painting, sometimes baking and decorating. I thought of one of these pictures a few days ago when I learned of the dedication and interest with which countless employees are working to integrate Danfoss into SMA processes.

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