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SMAll Talk #2: SMA at the Intersolar Europe 2013

Interview with Marko Werner, Chief Sales Officer, about SMA’s innovations at the biggest solar exhibition of the world, profitability of photovoltaics and his personal highlights.

Enjoy the video!

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SMA to Part Ways with Windy Boy Inverters

Windy Boy, Eigg Island

SMA will withdraw from the small wind turbine industry at the end of 2013 at which time production of the Windy Boy inverter will cease. We spoke to Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President in the Hybrid Energy Solutions division, about the reasons and what the new markets of the future will be.

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Vision 2050: A Look into the Past…


It’s grey outside. It’s not quite that cold, but I’m freezing in my thin jacket. A winter without snow. The first in 20 years. I hurry through the dirty streets, looking at the black house walls. I find it hard to breathe—the air is thick. A desperate cry for help, begging someone to open the last lignite stockpiles. I see people everywhere, sitting there motionless, loitering. I feel uncomfortable, as if someone’s looking at my every move. It’s unusually quiet out on the streets. There are barely any cars. I look at a newspaper ad and read the headline: “No End to the Economic Crisis in Sight! Last Solar Energy Company Announces Relocation.” Three streets later, I look at a screen: “Energy Transition a Mistake: 10 Million Unemployed in Germany.”

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Vision 2050: Full Supply with Renewable Energies


The year is 2050. Wind energy and photovoltaics have been maximized to a performance of 300 gigawatts, and capacities continue to grow. Germany has become the first country to generate power without the use of fossil fuels, setting the bar for the rest of the world. This achievement is not only credited to a few larger companies  or to politics; each and every citizen played a part!

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Vision 2050: Renewable Energy for Everyone?


The energy transition. In the year 2050, it has become a reality. Our electricity and heat is produced exclusively from renewable sources. A crazy idea, or a realistic scenario? According to a current „Energy Revolution Report“, a complete transition to renewable sources is possible – if, as Greenpeace writes, the groundwork is laid now.

We have asked four German energy bloggers to sketch their personal vision for 2050. PV modules and wind turbine systems are integrated in homes so that they are almost invisible, and the banking sector revolution makes investments in sustainable projects, such as geothermal energy, possible. But more conservative perspectives for bioenergy are also represented. Happy reading.

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“Good perspectives in the mid-term”

Is the photovoltaic market still an important and viable one for the future?  What is SMA doing to compete with China? What technologies will SMA use to become profitable again?  In light of the July to September 2012 financial report, we asked CEO Pierre-Pascal Urbon what he expects for the current year. Here you will find his thoughts on prospects for the photovoltaic market and SMA’s strategy and further business development.

Read more in the press release.

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Vision 2050 – Everyone Has an Energy Cube


What will the energy supply be like in German households and in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the year 2050? The article or vision is intended to stimulate reflection and debate. Sometimes I go into more and sometimes less detail, and while I have given this question quite some thought,  I cannot say whether these thoughts are complete or feasible.

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BRE – the UK’s best kept sustainable secret


After a recent inspirational visit to the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, UK, I thought that the PV industry would welcome a little explanation about who the BRE are and what they do.

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