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E-Mobility Plugfest: The Heating Communicates With the Car


The first e-mobility Plugfest of the EEBUS initiative in June is now followed by the second one. Put to the test: All generators and loads in the home are interconnected to communicate via energy management platforms, such as ennexOS from SMA. PV systems, heating, home appliances and even charging stations for electric cars will thus have to be optimally connected with each other for optimized use of energy in all areas of application.

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Connecting Intelligent Household Appliances for Optimum Self-Consumption


As part of the international EEBUS Initiative, reputable manufacturers have joined forces to develop a uniform communication standard for all household electrical devices so that, in the future, energy consumption can be coordinated in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. We have spoken to Frank Blessing, who sits on the board of this initiative, about the successes and challenges as well as what drives him personally to get engaged with this issue.

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A dishwasher and the Sunny Home Manager chatting via EEBus…


No, it’s not the start of a joke. And the image doesn’t show Sunny Home Manager and a dishwasher. Rather, the topic is a common language for connecting household appliances and applications for the sake of energy efficiency. This is an important goal of the EEBus Initiative.

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“EEBus Will Fuel the Decentralized Energy Transition”


EEBUS InitiativeThe EEBus initiative has set itself the task of establishing a communication standard for networking different devices. Sven Schreiber, who is responsible for the Residential business unit at SMA, is a new member of the initiative’s board of directors. So of course we have taken this opportunity to talk to Sven about the prospects and possibilities involved.

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