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If you want to use your own monitoring, Scada or data logging system to manage operation of your PV system, you can simply integrate the inverters via the Modbus interface. For more than two years, SMA has been equipping all inverters with this standard interface, offering straightforward solutions to third providers, in particular, who want to provide system operators with their own, non-SMA system.

SMA employee Falko Schmidt answered all questions on Modbus

Falko Schmidt gathered and answered all questions on Modbus asked by coustomers

SMA employee Falko Schmidt has set himself the task of gathering and answering those questions on Modbus most frequently asked by customers.

And to make the approximately 30 questions and respective answers already gathered available to those who have similar questions on Modbus, Falko summarized them in a detailed FAQ catalog. This catalog is available at SMA Developer, a website for developers where all development documentation of SMA products can be found.

Have fun browsing the blog.


Have a look at the SMA Developer (please select “FAQ Modbus”)

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    Cuan Boake

    October 5, 2017 at 14:06

    I am integrating a multicluster (6 x SI 8.0H) via a cluster controller into a SCADA system using Modbus and have the following problems:

    1. Reading input registers : the reaction time from when a parameter changes on the Sunny Remote Control to when the Modbus register updates is very slow (more than 1 minute, sometimes 2-3 minutes).
    2. If I change a parameter using the holding registers they do not update on the inverter – I can read the holding registers ok via the correct Unit ID. (For eg – generator start battery SOC).

    I have tried to ring SMA service centre but there is no English support at the communications help desk.

    Thank you

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      Annika Linke

      October 16, 2017 at 09:22

      Hi Cuan,
      Here you can find our Modbus FAQ. I guess you can find some answers 🙂
      Otherwise it would be great if you try it again calling our Service Line in UK.
      Thanks and cheers,

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