Remote Troubleshooting using Sunny Portal Professional

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In the following blog, we’ll discuss how an installer is able to use the Sunny Portal Professional Package to remotely troubleshoot a PV system experiencing problems, without necessarily needing to attend site.

Anytime you need to return to an installation for troubleshooting costs time and money. But by using the Sunny Portal Professional Package, it is possible to do remote troubleshooting of an installation so that it may be possible to solve a problem with a system without necessarily needing to travel to site and conduct site troubleshooting tests.


What is the Sunny Portal Professional Package?

The Sunny Portal Professional Package is an enhanced version of Sunny Portal, which can be activated instantly by selecting it when inside the operating platform. With a Professional Package activated, a greater array or information is able to be collected from the inverters and displayed in Sunny Portal. This information can be used to help diagnose problems which may have occurred with the system.



SMA Online Store Sunny Portal Products


What can you see with Sunny Portal Professional Activated?

Once activated, the Analysis Pro tab becomesavailable in the left hand column.


SMA Analysis Pro


Once in the Analysis Pro section, a number of analysis tabs are available across the top.


Analysis Pro, Energy and Power


For undertaking Troubleshooting, the Detailed Analysis tab is often the most useful. It is possible to look in much greater detail about what is occurring with the inverter. Depending on the model inverter, and which communication accessories are installed, it is possible to investigate many parameters in 5-minute data resolution such as:


AC Parameters
  • Power (Generated, Consumed, Exported)
  • Line Voltage
  • Operating Current


DC Parameters
  • Insulation Resistance (Riso)
  • Input Voltage (Total, MPP tracker, Individual input)
  • Current (Total, MPP tracker, Individual input)
  • PV module (power, current voltage)

Analysis Pro, Detailed Analysis


Sunny Portal Professional Package Trial

It is possible to activate a 1-month trail of the Sunny Portal Professional Package. Based on SMA’s more than 30 years’ experience with PV systems in the field, the largest proportion of system problems occur in the first 60 days. By ensuring you connect the inverter to Sunny Portal and activate the Professional Package trial at the time of installation, you can greatly increase your remote trouble shooting capabilities and also minimise your Service related costs.


Measurement Capability

The following table provides guidance on what data will be available after activation of the Sunny Portal Professional Package (whether a Trail or a Full paid activation) depending on the communication to Sunny Portal.



Portal Gateway Comparison


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