Connecting Intelligent Household Appliances for Optimum Self-Consumption


As part of the international EEBUS Initiative, reputable manufacturers have joined forces to develop a uniform communication standard for all household electrical devices so that, in the future, energy consumption can be coordinated in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. We have spoken to Frank Blessing, who sits on the board of this initiative, about the successes and challenges as well as what drives him personally to get engaged with this issue.

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With Just One Click: Questions and Answers on Modbus


If you want to use your own monitoring, Scada or data logging system to manage operation of your PV system, you can simply integrate the inverters via the Modbus interface. For more than two years, SMA has been equipping all inverters with this standard interface, offering straightforward solutions to third providers, in particular, who want to provide system operators with their own, non-SMA system.

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E-Mobility Plugfest: SMA Energy Management on the Internet of Things

In June, representatives of the EEBUS initiative met in Cologne for the first e-mobility Plugfest to test the state of development of their respective devices live. A Plugfest is a bit like a LAN party for developers. In Cologne, the specific focus was on interactions between the charging station, electric vehicle and energy management system.

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SMA Fuel Save Solution on Sint Eustatius – Excellent Performance Proven


After one year of operation, THEnergy analyzed the SMA Fuel Save Solution located on Sint Eustatius and summarized its performance in one word “excellent.”

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Designing Off-grid Systems with Sunny Design Web

This is how independent energy supply can be quite successful. The screencast shows how easy it is to design a professional island system with Sunny Design Web. 

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Setting up Consumption Profiles with Sunny Design Web

In this screencast we show you how to set up consumption profiles with Sunny Design Web. You can do it with just a few clicks and continue your system design.

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A Change for the Better: From Old to New Sunny Boy


Every time when a new generation of the product is launched, people tend to be curious looking for the similarities and differences between the generations. In this blog we’ll look into the differences and improvements of the new Sunny Boy AV-40 compared to the older model, and how it meets the needs of an ever changing market.

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New: Watch storage systems live and learn more about them

community portal sunny places

Storing solar power and optimizing self-consumption at home are key trends for all PV system operators. Depending on the size of the system and of the storage system, you can optimize your use of self-generated solar energy and can even make you completely independent from your power company. We can show you how it works in Sunny Places with the new “Try a Demo” function.

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10 Regulatory Asks on Solar and Digitalisation


SolarPower Europe has today published our “Regulatory asks on solar and digitalisation” to ensure that policy-makers support the transition to a fully digitalisation solar offering. Thanks to the whole team for this pioneering document.

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Solar Park Supplies Power to Refugee Camp in Jordan


At the Al Azraq refugee camp in Jordan, 33 Sunny Tripower 60 inverters are making it possible to supply around 20,000 Syrian refugees with electricity.

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Solar Power Becomes Competitive in Italy

The solar power plants in Montalto di Castro, Italy

In more and more regions around the world, solar energy is rapidly becoming competitive with traditional energy sources – and profitable without government support. An impressive example is Italy’s largest unsubsidized PV project, which was recently commissioned in Montalto di Castro in Central Italy.

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Intersolar Europe 2017: Get the Most out of Energy

VR Glasses at the Booth

Reducing energy costs, using storage systems and predominantly the digitization of the energy industry were the hot topics at Intersolar Europe 2017. SMA’s new system solutions and its ennexOS energy management platform offer the right answers to every question. Here is our review of the trade fair.

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