“Good perspectives in the mid-term”

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Is the photovoltaic market still an important and viable one for the future?  What is SMA doing to compete with China? What technologies will SMA use to become profitable again?  In light of the July to September 2012 financial report, we asked CEO Pierre-Pascal Urbon what he expects for the current year. Here you will find his thoughts on prospects for the photovoltaic market and SMA’s strategy and further business development.

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I’m the head of Corporate Communications at SMA.
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Everything that is related to the company or could be of interest to colleagues, the press and investors worldwide. Of particular importance for me is transparent communication, which is intelligible and covers relevant issues.
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At the age of 16, I took part, surreptitiously, in demonstrations against nuclear power plants in Brokdorf and Gorleben, Germany. Until today, my parents are completely unaware of this.


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