Fact Check: 5 Reasons Why Quality of PV Inverters Pays Off

From Pierre-Pascal Urbon (guest post) on March 27, 2017 in Category Technology with 2 Comments

Quality and safety are non-negotiable for us because in the end exactly these factors guarantee maximum and sustainable efficiency of PV projects. To live up to this claim, we continuously put our products and those of other manufacturers through their paces in our certified test centers.

You will find key findings at a glance below.


1. Passive cooling actively burns money

Passive cooling reduces the inverter’s power output and PV component’s lifetime by up to 75%.


For more information on cooling see our website Too passive cooling.


2. Power loss at sunshine

Inexpensive inverters often lose their power output at an ambient temperature of 21°C—they can’t handle the sun.


You’ll fine more information on this subject here Power loss at sunshine.


3. Poor DC:AC ratios increase costs and decrease profitability

Our competitors advises a low DC:AC ratio of 1:1. This forces system operators to use up to 40% more inverters per PV system.


For more details on DC:AC ratios see Poor DC:AC ratio.


4. Electromagnetic interferences could get you into severe legal trouble

Some inexpensive inverters produce electromagnetic interferences, which disturb, among others, the radio frequences of air traffic control or railroad communications—PV system operators will have to deal with legal consequences.


Visit Illegal EMI built in for more information.


5. Server out of control

Chinese laws make it mandatory for Chinese companies to operate cloud services in China—this might easily cause a safety problem.

The great firewall and how it works


For more information on server reliability see Server out of control.



Our Test results reveal that using a relatively inexpensive inverter might come at a price PV system operators probably would not want to pay. SMA demands highest quality standards of its products. That is why our experts at the SMA test center simulate the entire life of an inverter in fast motion and put our products through their paces in certified laboratories.

Find a short video of our test center here:


Learn more

Here, you can find a summary of all test results at one page and for download


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    David Pendry

    April 5, 2017 at 20:28

    When will SMA upgade the program to see real time generation from my system. Copyright on program says 2015. Would like to see instantaneous output of system realtime as well as both micro inverter output and 8 kw sunny inverter side by side. I have 2.08 kw of micro generation and 7.88kw on the 8 kw inverter.

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    April 1, 2017 at 07:34

    Good Info. Thanks for sharing.

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