Examining the Use Cases for Industrial-Scale Battery Storage

From Volker Wachenfeld (guest post) on October 23, 2015 in Category Technology with 2 Comments

In contrast to “behind-the-meter” household energy storage systems, whose operational strategy is generally aimed at local financial optimisation of power consumption, the use cases for battery technologies on an industrial scale are primarily determined by the requirements of the electricity supply grids, particularly the regional distribution grids.

Over the past decade, stricter connection conditions have paved the way for pilot applications in this area in some regions with particularly weak utility grids. For example, in French overseas territories it has been the case for some years now that renewable energy generators can be connected to the utility grid only if a significant portion of daily energy production is postponed until the evening hours—and this postponement can be achieved only with a storage system. In this case, the storage system stabilises the utility grids statically by balancing consumption and generation over the course of the day; this is referred to as energy application.


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Image above: S&C Electric. The UK’s 6MW / 10MWh ‘Big Battery’, in UK Power Networks’ Smarter Network Storage trial. 

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Volker Wachenfeld (guest author)

Volker is executive vice president for offgrid and energy storage integration at SMA, headquartered in Germany. Volker is operating a couple of smaller PV system on his private home and – of course – one of SMA’s home energy storage system.


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