Apprentices’ Grill Party 2011

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time to lunch!

time to lunch!

On August 18, it was finally time once again for the annual SMA apprentices’ grill party.
Approximately 150 apprentices from all professions gathered on Friday to spend a nice evening together. The focus was not only on the great food but also on socializing and having fun.
This year’s fantastic event was held on SMA company grounds between Buildings 1, 3, and 4, as well as under the canopy of Building 2. At such an event, you not only get to know the new apprentices who started their apprenticeship at SMA this August, you also meet a lot of “old hands” that you unfortunately may not have a lot of contact with in your day-to-day work. As a result, old acquaintances and friendships are cultivated, and at the same time the new arrivals at SMA are integrated right away.


The JAV, the in-house youth and apprentices’ representative, was kind enough to handle the organizational aspects of this event . However, we would not be SMA apprentices if we had not completely internalized the words “teamwork” and “division of labor”. In keeping with the motto “all for one and one for all”, each apprentice had his or her role to play. Some apprentices helped set up or clean up, others were this year’s grill masters, yet another was responsible for the music and visual effects, and many other apprentices brought delicious salads to share. As the event drew to a close, each apprentice had the opportunity to choose between ending the evening socializing or visiting the nearby disco.

in a good mood

in a good mood

For two years, the apprentices’ grill party has been free of charge. All trainees who sign up can use the SMA party bonus of EUR 25 per person for this. The company only needs to verify exactly how many apprentices attend so that it is clear how much money is available to the organizational team. Even though all costs are covered by the company, the apprentices have the opportunity to donate money for the event that is then given to a good cause. The donations collected this year were used to combat famine in Somalia.

About me

Maren Müller

Maren Müller

My name is Maren, I am 21 years old, and I am from the town of Hofgeismar, which is about 30 km north of Kassel. After finishing school there, I started a apprenticeship as a Wholesale and Export Clerk at SMA on August 1.
Like all other high school graduates, after graduation I asked myself the question “what now?” – and in retrospect, I can say with conviction that my apprenticeship at SMA was a great fit for me and something I will never regret.

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Diana works in the employer branding team and is writing about working at SMA.


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