Service Tip: Changing the inverter’s network setting using SMA Connection Assist


When it’s not possible to locate an SMA inverter using Sunny Explorer or other SMA communication devices, SMA CONNECTION ASSIST is the perfect tool to use. SMA Connection Assist can be used to change the inverter’s network setting using Speedwire connection. As every installation site has its own level of network security, many high-level network securities require a static IP address setup so that the IP address of the inverter doesn’t come into conflict with the IP address of the devices used by the client on a daily basis.

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Gamechanger: Storage systems are revolutionizing the energy landscape


Renewable energies produce electricity when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. But people need electricity whatever the weather, 24 hours a day. Is this an unsolvable problem? No, not at all. Because battery technologies are rapidly making progress. This is enabling more and more people and companies to save surplus electricity and use it later on – supplying themselves with solar power more or less independently. Exciting times for Sam Wilkinson, who heads the energy storage team at analysis company IHS, and Dr. Aleksandra-Sasa Bukvić-Schäfer, a storage system expert at SMA.

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Flagship Project in the Caribbean:
PV Hybrid System on the Island of St. Eustatius

The setting: An island with 4,000 inhabitants and three diesel generators to supply power. The mission: Reduce fossil fuel usage and establish a grid stabilizing energy supply based on renewable energies. The challenge: Supply a smart combination of a 2 MWp PV farm and diesel generators; introduce the largest lithium battery storage system in the Caribbean; use the latest SMA products; and develop a new monitoring platform—within the space of just nine months.

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“Sunny Boy Storage is affordable and also flexible applicable”


Independent and affordable electricity supply for your home – until now that was not feasible from a technical perspective. But that’s exactly what the new SMA battery inverter Sunny Boy Storage offers. In March, the inverter has been honored with the Innovation Prize at the PV symposium Bad Staffelstein. Volker Wachenfeld, Executive Vice President of the SMA Offgrid & Storage business unit, talks about the post-feed-in tariff era, the differences between storage solutions and how the Tesla Powerwall is going to change the market.

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Tech Tip: Complying with Earth Fault Alarm (Australia)

Anwar Mahmood, Service Engineer from SMA Australia, explains the different options available for complying with Earth Fault Alarm according to Australian standards. According to Clause 3.4.3 of AS/NZS 5033, PV systems installed after 11th July 2015 which have an array operating at Low Voltage (that being greater than 120V DC) must include earth fault alarm capability. For SMA inverters, there are three options which comply with these standards. Anwar explains these options in this Tech Tip video.

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How I Customized my Inverter Monitoring via Modbus


After using SMA’s Sunny Portal and Sunny Places web sites to monitor some central inverter PV systems I realized that I wanted more detailed information about system performance than these sites provided.

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Always connected: Kübra Seker Works as a Female Service Engineer in Turkey


Plenty of fresh air, long distances and electrical engineering expertise: Kübra Seker* is the first female field service engineer who works for SMA in Turkey. In this interview, she tells us how she joined our team, what she enjoys about it and where she can apply her skills particularly well.

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SMA Achieves Fourth Place Worldwide for Maintenance Contracts


It goes without saying that PV systems, whether commissioned recently or some time ago, should function stably long term and generate high yields. It’s therefore no surprise that the demand for PV system services both before and after commissioning continues to grow. With its Operations & Maintenance service, SMA handles every aspect of technical management of PV systems, including regular maintenance of all the components in a PV power plant. An SMA maintenance contract guarantees stable operation of a PV system and ensures high yields.

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Maintenance Pays Off

Maintenance SMA

Large-scale PV power plants are an investment in the future. Careful planning and SMA technology perfectly adapted to operator needs ensure that every plant is profitable and produces high yields. Regular maintenance is necessary to guarantee all plant components run safely and optimally, long term. They prevent smaller and larger defects from being overlooked and thus exert a considerable influence on plant operation. Here are three good reasons why maintaining a PV power plant is good practice.

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Saltwater, Chemical Plant, Monsoon: No Match for the SMA Fault Detective

The PV system in India is located 100 meters from the ocean.

Seals, rust protection, flawless insulation: Reinhard Lehmann, an analysis engineer, has been focusing his efforts for eight years now on helping SMA equip Sunny Central inverters for even more effective outdoor use. One of his responsibilities is ensuring that these high-performance central inverters are fit for outdoor use—at all times, anywhere in the world.

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7 Theses on Storage Systems in Commercial Applications


Solar storage systems are now the focus of attention more than ever before. The application areas are as different as the requirements. While private PV system operators work toward optimizing self-consumption, storage systems in industry are mainly used to provide control reserve and thus ensure grid stability.

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Tech Tip: How to Setup Zero Export with the Sunny Home Manager

Tiffany Zhan, Service Engineer from SMA Australia, demonstrates the simple steps to setup zero export with the Sunny Home Manager. In this Tech Tip video, Tiffany shows the connection of the devices, registering the system on Sunny Portal, setting up export control and the fallback setting for the inverter.

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