E-Mobility Plugfest: The Heating Communicates With the Car


The first e-mobility Plugfest of the EEBUS initiative in June is now followed by the second one. Put to the test: All generators and loads in the home are interconnected to communicate via energy management platforms, such as ennexOS from SMA. PV systems, heating, home appliances and even charging stations for electric cars will thus have to be optimally connected with each other for optimized use of energy in all areas of application.

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Sunny Island: Set Up a Stand-Alone Grid in 8 Steps


This screencast demonstrates how to configure a stand-alone grid with Sunny Island in only eight steps. Thanks to the integrated web interface, commissioning can be performed easily using a smartphone, tablet or–more conventionally–a PC. Jan Roessler, trainer at the SMA Solar Academy, provides handy tips and tricks on the settings required for storage systems in off-grid operation.

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Sunny Island: Connect to the Utility Grid in 8 Steps


This screencast demonstrates how to make the Sunny Island ready for operation for self-consumption systems on the utility grid in only eight steps. Thanks to the integrated web interface, commissioning can be performed easily using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Jan Rössler, trainer at the SMA Solar Academy, provides handy tips and tricks on the settings required for storage systems on the utility grid.

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A New Direction in Inverter Development

Agile methods have become the standard in software development. SMA employees have now employed this principle for the first time for an inverter prototype.

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High Energy Yields Despite Shade


People who have installed a PV system on the roof naturally want to collect as much sunshine as possible. However, what if a tree, chimney or even a neighboring house casts its shadow on the modules? It’s not a problem because SMA has the right solution, no matter the size of the shadow on the PV system.

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Remote Troubleshooting using Sunny Portal Professional


In the following blog, we’ll discuss how an installer is able to use the Sunny Portal Professional Package to remotely troubleshoot a PV system experiencing problems, without necessarily needing to attend site.

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Virtual 360° Tour of SMA Production

Our central inverters are designed to generate solar power in PV power plants under very different technical and climatic conditions across the globe. In this 360° video, we show you where and how our Sunny Central inverters are produced. 

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Statement on Cyber Security


Recently Willem Westerhof published a study on cybersecurity threads regarding PV inverters, in which SMA was mentioned. Unfortunately, the claim has caused serious concern for our customers. We would like to stress that SMA does not agree with this article, as some of his statements are not correct or greatly exaggerated.


Please be assured that the security of our devices has highest priority for SMA in all respects and that we do everything we can to protect our inverters and communication products against cyber-attacks. We already assessed the mentioned issues on a technical basis and work intensively on the correction. The stated potential security issues only affect older SMA products and only a very few products in our portfolio.

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PV Investment Grade: Grid Parity begins in Italy


More than 300 people attended the SMA Italia Conference, held in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano’s Energy & Strategy Group.

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Connecting Intelligent Household Appliances for Optimum Self-Consumption


As part of the international EEBUS Initiative, reputable manufacturers have joined forces to develop a uniform communication standard for all household electrical devices so that, in the future, energy consumption can be coordinated in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. We have spoken to Frank Blessing, who sits on the board of this initiative, about the successes and challenges as well as what drives him personally to get engaged with this issue.

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With Just One Click: Questions and Answers on Modbus


If you want to use your own monitoring, Scada or data logging system to manage operation of your PV system, you can simply integrate the inverters via the Modbus interface. For more than two years, SMA has been equipping all inverters with this standard interface, offering straightforward solutions to third providers, in particular, who want to provide system operators with their own, non-SMA system.

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E-Mobility Plugfest: SMA Energy Management on the Internet of Things

In June, representatives of the EEBUS initiative met in Cologne for the first e-mobility Plugfest to test the state of development of their respective devices live. A Plugfest is a bit like a LAN party for developers. In Cologne, the specific focus was on interactions between the charging station, electric vehicle and energy management system.

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