What Does the Energy Supply of the Future Look Like?

The energy supply of the future is renewable, independent and affordable. Solar energy and thus SMA as a system provider for photovoltaics will play a major role here. Learn new things about SMA and find out what makes us stand out in our one-minute video.

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35 Years of SMA: Our Company’s Anniversary

Guests from the worlds of politics, business and society took up the invitation and celebrated 35 years of SMA with us at the beginning of September. The official ceremony was followed by the SMA summer party for the employees at the Kassel site in Germany. Here are a few images from the festivities.

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Service Tip: Accessing inverter information from new generation SMA inverters using WiFi and the Web User Interface


For improved long term reliability in the field, new generation SMA inverters do not have a built-in display. Instead these inverters utilise WiFi with a built-in Web User Interface (WebUI) to turn any smart device into an inverter display, even when the inverter is not connected to the internet. Connecting to the inverter’s WebUI can allow access to real-time performance of the inverter, as well as event and error log information. Such information can be useful to an installer or home owner either during system commissioning, field operation, or troubleshooting if things ever go wrong.

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How Well Do You Know SMA? Test Your Knowledge.


“The energy supply of the future is decentralized and renewable.” This was the vision that inspired Günther Cramer, Peter Drews and Reiner Wettlaufer to found SMA 35 years ago. Today, their vision is a reality in many countries around the world. Thanks to innovative technology and falling system costs, a global decentralized electricity supply using renewable energies is now unstoppable.

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Field Service Experience: Fuel Save Controller 2.0M Commissioning in Palau


Palau is a beautiful island country located in the Pacific Ocean, with a population of approximately 21,000 people. The archipelago is well known for its pristine beaches, scuba-diving and snorkeling sites. SMA Australia’s Service Engineer, Cyril Laugeon, shares his experience in commissioning the Fuel Save Controller (FSC) 2.0M in Palau.

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One week with the SMA Fuel Save Controller


Niestetal in June. Attendees from all over the world have gathered at the SMA Solar Academy for a whole week of trainings on the SMA Fuel Save Solution. Despite it being summer in Germany, the sunshine is not even close to that of the countries, where the seminar participants will later install their PV plants. They have come to the Solar Academy, because they want to reduce the fuel consumption of energy systems in the Sunbelt region of the earth, powered by Diesel gensets.

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Service Tip: Activating and Deactivating the WLAN interface on Sunny Boy Inverters with Built-in WiFi


New generation Sunny Boy inverters provide customers with great flexibility due to their integrated WLAN and Webconnect interfaces. This allows direct access to the user interface of the inverter for smooth commissioning and configuration. It also provides an option for local monitoring via the inverter’s user interface or online monitoring via Sunny Portal and Sunny Places. However in some instances a customer or installer may prefer to turn off the WLAN function in the inverter (e.g. privacy, not used, etc.). The step by step procedure to switch off and switch on the WLAN in the inverter is described below.

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Three Practical Solar Gadgets


It is absolutely remarkable the level of creativity that some inventors and companies display when it comes to harnessing the power of the sun as an energy source for their products. Here is a continuation of items we have put together that are operated by solar energy and (can) have everyday practical uses.

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Learning From Obama: How to Make the Energy Transition Happen


Solar energy is expensive and only available to the rich and the privileged – a prejudice that politicians love using again and again to justify thwarting photovoltaics. Not so for U.S. President Barack Obama who has just presented his “Clean Energy Savings for All” initiative. The initiative’s goal is to install PV systems with a total of 1 gigawatt of power in low- to moderate-income households by 2020.

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Questions and Answers on Solar Power Storage Systems


“High-voltage, DC coupled, lithium iron phosphate” – the new business field of battery storage for PV systems has brought with it many new technical terms. pv magazine, together with SMA, has held two webinars with the SMA storage system experts Martin Rothert and Michael Ebel and has presented the questions and answers in pv magazine.

We’ve put together a selection of the topics for you here.

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Service Tip: How to connect a Sunny Boy inverter with built-in WiFi to a local wireless network


There are many benefits for connecting your Sunny Boy inverter to the internet, such as real-time monitoring, remote fault diagnosis, easy access to SMA online platforms, among many others. New generation Sunny Boy inverters now come equipped with built-in WiFi and an Ethernet port for monitoring.

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Does Solar Energy Make Sense in Alaska?


Top managers in Germany like to toss around the phrase, “growing pineapple in Alaska.” Among them is former RWE CEO Jürgen Großmann, who has joked that subsidizing solar energy is equally unlikely. Although nobody is actually growing pineapple in Alaska yet, solar energy is gaining ground in that remote U.S. state.

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