Solar Power Becomes Competitive in Italy


In more and more regions around the world, solar energy is rapidly becoming competitive with traditional energy sources – and profitable without government support. An impressive example is Italy’s largest unsubsidized PV project, which was recently commissioned in Montalto di Castro in Central Italy.

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Intersolar Europe 2017: Get the Most out of Energy

VR Glasses at the Booth

Reducing energy costs, using storage systems and predominantly the digitization of the energy industry were the hot topics at Intersolar Europe 2017. SMA’s new system solutions and its ennexOS energy management platform offer the right answers to every question. Here is our review of the trade fair.

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Easily Switching from Sunny Home Manager BT to Sunny Home Manager 2.0


An electrically qualified person can install the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 in a home connection box in just a few minutes. In our case, the SMA Energy Meter was replaced by the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 in less than 15 minutes.

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New Storage Solutions for all Application Areas

Energy storage is one of the hot topics at Intersolar Europe 2017. More than 40% of the exhibition revolves around storage solutions.

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Full-scale energy management with ennexOS

The particular highlight at our Intersolar 2017 booth in Munich is ennexOS. SMA’ s new energy management platform for the first time connects all energy generating and consuming sectors, can be applied in all segments from household up to utility-scale applications and significantly reduces energy costs.

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Sunny Tripower CORE1 Wins Intersolar Award 2017


The crowd cheered in Munich! SMA once again won the Intersolar Award this year. The jury was impressed by the new design and easy handling of the Sunny Tripower CORE 1.

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Sneak Preview: The SMA Booth at Intersolar 2017

Can’t make it to Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich but still want to see what SMA will be showcasing at Europe’s leading trade fair for the solar industry? Our colleague Sebastian Seidl gives you an exclusive virtual tour of the almost finished trade fair booth.

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From Idea To Real Hybrid System – How To Start?

How to get a design for a hybrid system? Just ask our experts!

Getting started with planning a solar-diesel-hybrid plant can seem overwhelming at first. To make it easy for everyone, SMA offers a free service to help you in the planning phase. This article describes how you can easily get in contact with our experts.

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Without Compromise


In sunny regions, large-scale solar farms are already generating electricity a lot more cost-efficiently than coal-fired or nuclear power plants. Experts are forecasting that the cost of photovoltaics will continue to decrease, making them the most important energy source worldwide – a goal Bernhard Voll is passionately pursuing. He travels all over the world for SMA, making large-scale PV farms even more efficient and reliable.

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10 Years SMA France: Merci to our Customers!

Last week we celebrated our ten years anniversary. Time to look back and say thank you to all of our customers for their loyalty and partnership through 10 messages.

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The New Sunny Island Generation Is Here!


SMA will present its new Sunny Island generation at Intersolar Munich 2017. The new Sunny Island -12 may look like the old one on the outside but this one is more “communicative”. 

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Seizing new Opportuinities from the Sun


November 4, 2016, was a very special day for Stéphane Onillon. The 42-year-old manages the hypermarket Leclerc in Pineuilh near Bordeaux, and on November 4 Michel-Edouard Leclerc, CEO of France’s largest retail chain, came personally to Pineuilh to officially inaugurate the brand-new PV system on the shopping mall’s parking lot roof. It was such an exciting moment,” recalled Onillon. “The PV system is a special project. It will not only help us make our electricity supply more sustainable but will also enable us to become more independent from the electric utility company and save money year after year.”

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