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Témoignage client : installation photovoltaïque en autoconsommation sur ombrières d’un hypermarché

Découvrez le témoignage de notre partenaire INELIA, développeur et installateur de la centrale photovoltaïque de 500 kWc en autoconsommation de l’hypermarché Leclerc Grand Pineuilh. 18 onduleurs SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL -30 ont été installés.

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Does Solar Energy Make Sense in Alaska?


Top managers in Germany like to toss around the phrase, “growing pineapple in Alaska.” Among them is former RWE CEO Jürgen Großmann, who has joked that subsidizing solar energy is equally unlikely. Although nobody is actually growing pineapple in Alaska yet, solar energy is gaining ground in that remote U.S. state.

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Philippines: One of the World’s Largest Photovoltaic Plants Including String Inverters Commissioned


The Catalagan Solar Farm on the Philippine island of Luzon was commissioned in March. At 63 MW, it is one of the world’s largest photovoltaic plants including string inverters, supplying solar power to the entire western part of the Batangas province. Spread over approximately 160 hectares (about 400 acres), the solar farm includes more than 200,000 PV modules, along with 830 Sunny Tripower 60 inverters and 23 SMA Inverter Managers.

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Avviati lavori per un impianto a terra da 23.1 MWp in Giordania


Sorgerà a circa 200 km da Amman il primo di 12 impianti fotovoltaici a terra appaltati dal Ministero Giordano dell’Energia e delle Risorse Minerarie. L’impianto rientra nell’ambito del progetto nazionale che prevede il raggiungimento del 10% di energia prodotta da fonti rinnovabili nel 2020.

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More Independence With a Commercial Photovoltaic System


A PV system will allow the Spanish fertilizer company to save 35% of its consumption of energy from the utility grid. A good example how companies can use their rooftops economically and sustainably.

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Solar-hydrogen house to become a consumer reality


In 2006, Mike Strizki converted his Hopewell, New Jersey home to run exclusively on solar and hydrogen power. As the only house of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, Strizki’s revolutionary home has become an educational center and real-world example of integrating clean energy technology to provide the power needs for the typical American household. It has hosted students, professionals, government officials and foreign dignitaries alike, all of whom were looking to learn from Strizki’s research and system development.

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Largest rooftop PV system in Latin America keeps PepsiCo plant fizzing


PepsiCo is one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, with 22 diverse and beloved brands including Pepsi, Lay’s, Tropicana, Quaker and Gatorade. At PepsiCo’s bottling plant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, beverage company Embotelladora de Sula, S.A. (EMSULA) utilizes specially designed blowing machines to craft its own bottles, which are filled with some of the world’s most popular carbonated beverages, water, juices and energy drinks.

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Solar spotlight: PV in paradise


The British Virgin Islands, known for beautiful beaches and miles of serene coastline, are ideal for rest and relaxation. For travelers looking to escape big-city type noise, the diesel generators powering most vacation resorts wasn’t a welcome sound. Generating electricity on remote Caribbean islands used to be a dirty job, until hybrid solar power systems started cleaning it up.

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