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Digital Electricity Market: Turning Consumers Into Prosumers


Digitalization will enable new opportunities and business models across the entire energy sector. In order to use the full potential, we will need innovative technological solutions. SMA CTO and COO Jürgen Reinert explains what impact this will have on system technology.

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Welcome to the new World of Energy


All over the world, digitalization is revolutionizing energy production and supply – and will drive the continued growth of solar PV and other renewable energy sources. What will the energy supply of tomorrow look like? Jochen Schneider, EVP Energy Services at SMA, has some answers.

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Barcamp Participants Focus on Digital Trends for Renewables


Disruptions in the energy industry: What are they and what impact will they have? These were the topics of the sixth Barcamp Renewables. Here is a short summary of the most important trends and theories. 

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Des rendements élevés malgré l’ombrage


Les propriétaires d’installations photovoltaïques veulent naturellement recueillir le plus de soleil possible. Cependant, que se passe-t-il si un arbre, une cheminée ou même une maison voisine génère de l’ombre sur les panneaux photovoltaïques ? Aucun problème car SMA a la solution adaptée en fonction de la quantité d’ombrage.

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