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SMA Test Center: The World in a Lab [Video]

More is expected of them than of others: SMA solar inverters must work perfectly for many years. No matter in which country, in which climate, or to which power network they are connected.

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Two in One: New Generation of the Sunny Home Manager


The new Sunny Home Manager 2.0 will be available in April 2017. Just like the term Web 2.0, the extension 2.0 does not describe a radically new type of technology or application. Instead, it describes the modified and extended use of the product. Here, you can learn why the Sunny Home Manager now looks like the SMA Energy Meter and what this means for the PV system.

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Fuel Save Controller Wins Prestigious Middle East Electricity Award 2017


It was great to win the Middle East Electricity Award in 2015 for the “Smart Solar Project of the Year” (we reported it here). Now, two years later, the SMA Fuel Save Controller 2.0 is once again winner of the Middle East Electricity award. This time we won “Smart Product of the Year” – a great reward for our continuous efforts to find smart solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
Read more about what convinced the jury in this article…

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Trainings for Design and Commissioning of a SMA Fuel Save Solution in 2017

SMA Solar Academy

As diesel prices increase and costs for solar energy decrease, the advantage of a Fuel Save Solution to any diesel grid continuously grows. With 1.2 billion people without electricity and even more suffering from weak grids, the market for solar diesel hybrid systems is tremendous. But solar hybrid systems are often complex and unique with each having its own challenges. With SMA Solar Academy training courses, you gather essential knowledge to actively take part in this new business. Learn more about the courses that enable you to plan and commission solar diesel hybrid systems by yourself in this article.

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