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Ventajas de la batería de alta tensión conectada en CA sobre otras soluciones alternativas


Las baterías de alta tensión llegaron al mercado apenas hace 12 meses. Sin embargo, su aparición ha permitido a una serie de otras tecnologías cambiar la forma en que el almacenamiento mediante baterías se puede incluir en el hogar. El almacenamiento conectado en CA que utiliza esta nueva tecnología de baterías de alta tensión (es decir> 120 V CC) tiene una serie de ventajas para los hogares que desean incluir el almacenamiento en baterías en su sistema solar. Además de ser una solución de bajo coste comparado con otras alternativas, el almacenamiento conectado en CA con baterías de alta tensión puede facilitar que su hogar aumente su independencia de la red y le proporcione mayor flexibilidad en el futuro para cambiar su sistema y satisfacer las necesidades de cambio o ampliación de la casa. El almacenamiento conectado en CA con baterías de alta tensión habitualmente es un sistema más eficiente que representa obtener más energía y potencia en comparación con un sistema de inversor híbrido similar. Y tal vez lo mejor de todo: el almacenamiento conectado en CA puede convertir cualquier sistema solar nuevo o existente en un verdadero sistema preparado para usar baterías.

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Everything You Need to Know About the New Sunny Boy 3.0–5.0 Solar Inverter


What makes the successor of the world’s best-selling string inverter, the Sunny Boy TL, so special? The new Sunny Boy is more than just a PV inverter. Thanks to the first integrated SMA Smart Connected service, it’s a package that offers true ease and comfort. Find out here how this can benefit you as a PV system operator.

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Hybrid Energy Supply of East Africas Largest Salt Factory

Krystalline Salt’s factory is supplied by 25% of solar energy in grid parallel and in diesel mode. Following their ambitious energy management, the company took solar to a professional scale and safes expenditures for electricity supply.
SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH as EPC in cooperation with its local construction partner Harmonic Systems build and commissioned the project within 5,5 months.

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More Sun From the Roof. Maximum Energy Yield Despite Shade or Different Module Arrangements


In this post, we explain to you how to always produce the highest yields from a PV system using the SMA Power+ Solution. It does not matter whether there are different module arrangements because of roof structure or whether power generation is affected by shade from trees, dormer windows or chimneys.

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SMA Smart Connected – What are the Advantages for Installers & Solar Businesses?


As Solar PV becomes more mainstream, one of the few ways which installers and businesses can create a point of difference in the market is through the service they offer their customers. SMA’s new service offering in Smart Connected provides a way for you (as an Installer or Solar Business) to enhance your connection with your clients, and begin to offer additional services without adding significant costs, effort or expertise by relying on SMA’s intelligent monitoring and diagnosis systems. And best of all, it’s free to both you and your clients. Read below to understand more of the benefits.

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How to Find and View your PV System on Sunny Places?


Some of our customers who want to benefit from the free services we offer on Sunny Places might wonder why they can’t see their systems on Sunny Places the same way they do on Sunny Portal. In this short article, we will guide you through a few steps on how to view your system on Sunny Places so you can make use of all the monitoring, comparing and sharing features that are only offered there.

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How to Install the New Sunny Boy

Voilà! It is finally happening: The worthy successor of the world’s most successful inverter — the Sunny Boy 3000-5000TL — is now available. The new PV inverter of the Sunny Boy 3.0–5.0 type is suitable for private rooftop installations, 10 kg lighter than its predecessor and is easy to operate via a smartphone. It also comes up with the new service concept, SMA Smart Connected, including the all-inclusive service package.

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