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Technical Documentation and Updates in April 2015


The purpose of this blog entry is to keep you informed about the latest updates and new publications for SMA devices released by the technical documentation team. This information will be made available regulary. This means that you will always be kept up to date and will never miss any changes or anything new that is published.

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Now You Can Integrate SMA Devices With Modbus


SMA is opening its doors to third-party suppliers and will equip inverters with the Modbus protocol interface, starting immediately. SMA Product Manager Falko Schmidt oversaw the introduction of Modbus at SMA.

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Mission (Im)possible? Solar Power for Everyone


How does it feel to live without electricity? This is something that Souleymane Niang can still remember all too well. Growing up in a village in Senegal, up to the age of 12 he did his homework by the light of a sooty petroleum lamp. Today, an industrial engineer, he is developing the market for PV-diesel hybrid systems in the Earth’s Sunbelt region for SMA — and is playing an instrumental role in ensuring that nobody living in developing and newly industrialized countries will ever have to live without electricity again.

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3 Ways on How to Communicate With a Solar Inverter

SMA webconnect

Utilising system monitoring tools available with SMA is one of the easiest ways to ensure a system is operating as expected. It also improves the ability to troubleshoot a system in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Setting up communications links between various components within the SMA system solution is vital when attempting to set up monitoring. To this end there are a variety of options available to achieve communications links.

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Dubai: SMA Middle East Receives Award for the Best PV-Diesel Hybrid Project of the Year


SMA Middle East has won the Middle East Electricity Award 2015 for the best “Solar project of the year.” The project is a PV-diesel hybrid system with almost 200 kW of solar energy. It was installed in April 2014 on the roof of the plastic factory Advanced Plastic Industries (API) in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon.

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