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Electrifying Off-grid area in Bangladesh with Green Energy and Smart Technology


Electricity for all by 2021″ with this vision in mind the government of Bangladesh has taken many initiatives to ensure electricity for all the people of Bangladesh by 2021, the Golden Jubilee of it’s Independence. Electrifying every individual households in this country is not technically and financially feasible by extending the national grid. Government has initiated the Solar Home System (SHS) based rural electrification program in 2003 through Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) to provide electricity to the off grid areas of Bangladesh. So far the program has installed more than 3.6 million SHS all over the country, The program has become the most successful SHS based rural electrification program in the world. Around 11.5% of the total population of the country are getting benefits from the program.

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A Children’s Book about Solar: Smork in Suntown


We all know how important it is to push renewables – and to use the sun as one source of free energy. But have you even been ask by a child how all this works? How sunlight is used to gain clean energy? Well, our colleagues from SMA UK might have produced something that’ll help you explain the benefits of solar energy – in a cute little book that uses terms even your children will understand.

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Service Tip: What If the Connection to Sunny Portal Doesn’t Work?

Sunny Portal

A faulty or nonexistent connection from the inverter or Sunny Home Manager to Sunny Portal can occur for several reasons. In this post, we present a brief tutorial to help you restore the connection quickly. If something goes wrong, simply follow the steps below. It’s a good idea to rule out these potential sources of errors before calling the SMA Service Line.

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