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SMA Performs Blood Pressure Screenings Throughout the Entire Company


“Listen to Your Heart – Health Day Is Coming Your Way.” This was the motto that preceded a team of health experts as they went through all of our departments at SMA during the last two weeks. Their mission? To carry out blood pressure screenings at the workplace during working hours. The reason? Ninety percent of men know the average MPG rating and the engine horsepower of their cars, but only twenty percent know what their blood pressure is. To put things into perspective, high blood pressure is the world’s No. 1 health hazard, causing over nine million deaths a year worldwide. In Germany alone, it’s a widespread condition that affects one out of every three people! And the consequences are serious. Forty percent of all deaths among people younger than 60 can be traced back to high blood pressure, and, left untreated, it will shorten a person’s lifespan by an average of 11 years. To top it all off, it’s a treacherous condition that remains undetected in fifty percent of all cases because it has no outward symptoms.

It cannot be felt. But it can be measured!

“Listen to Your Heart – Health Day Is Coming Your Way.”

Around 1,620 members of the SMA team participated and had their blood pressure taken, and I’m extremely happy that so many of us took part in our Health Day campaign. I would also like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, our health experts and the team that organized the campaign, as well as all the team members that contributed. Performing all these blood pressure measurements would not have been possible without all of you!
In addition to having their blood pressure taken, all participants received a thorough assessment of their personal high blood pressure risk. Moreover, team members who were likely to have high blood pressure were given informational brochures for their family doctor, as well as recommendations on what things to change.
Starting in April, we will begin a health program that will focus on lowering blood pressure by providing advice and courses dealing with the following preventive measures: moving around, changing diet, managing stimulants such as alcohol and coffee, and eliminating/managing stress.

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SMAll Talk #1: China – PV Market of the Future

Welcome to the first episode of SMAll Talk, the new video format of SMA, this time about China. SMA CEO Pierre-Pascal Urbon answers questions about the potential of the Chinese PV market, the relationship between SMA and Zeversolar and rumors on SMA’s shift in production levels to Asia.

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Our SMA Denver Family Visits Us in Niestetal


For an entire week, six SMA team members from Colorado switched workplaces to Niestetal, about 5,000 miles away from their home in Denver.

It goes without saying that there is usually a good reason for a business trip that long, and this was no exception. Our US team members had been invited to a joint workshop by the SMA Logistics and Purchasing departments as part of a large logistics project that SMA is planning to implement at other locations as well.

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OptiCool: The Climate Expert

From the dusty desert to the rainy hills: As solar use increases throughout the world, the climatic challenges for inverters also rise. With the integrated cooling concept OptiCool SMA has developed an intelligent temperature management system which enables long inverter life spans and maximum yields.

Watch this video to learn how the Sunny Central with integrated OptiCool system works.

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On the Cutting Edge: Light-Emitting Panels and Roofs


Guest contribution by Matthias Diehl, from Photovoltaikbüro Rüsselsheim in Germany, about the possibility of using electroluminescence to check solar panels for defects.

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From Parental Leave Benefits to Day Care Centers: SMA Takes Care of Its Families


Family planning, parental leave, day care: Ute Wiesner not only handles every aspect of our company’s family benefits, but also provides assistance to SMA parents and to anyone who is planning to become one. We recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk about the various benefits that SMA offers, as well as the kinds of things our colleagues should keep in mind when getting ready for their new baby.

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SMA Launches New Media Newsroom

SMA Media Newsroom

From this point on, all press releases and social media news from SMA will be on one page. With our new Media Newsroom we’re ending the separation between our traditional press area and Web 2.0 channels.

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Vision 2050: A Look into the Past…


It’s grey outside. It’s not quite that cold, but I’m freezing in my thin jacket. A winter without snow. The first in 20 years. I hurry through the dirty streets, looking at the black house walls. I find it hard to breathe—the air is thick. A desperate cry for help, begging someone to open the last lignite stockpiles. I see people everywhere, sitting there motionless, loitering. I feel uncomfortable, as if someone’s looking at my every move. It’s unusually quiet out on the streets. There are barely any cars. I look at a newspaper ad and read the headline: “No End to the Economic Crisis in Sight! Last Solar Energy Company Announces Relocation.” Three streets later, I look at a screen: “Energy Transition a Mistake: 10 Million Unemployed in Germany.”

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Hacking Around and Drinking Coffee: My Internship at SMA


Me, a computer science major, stuck in the figurative barracks of electrical engineering? With the dudes who think a C array is the ultimate data structure for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g? I have to admit it: That was the very thought that went through my mind at the beginning, and, to be honest, SMA AG was nowhere near my radar as a place for computer science majors to do an internship until the spring of 2012 came.

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