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“I Definitely Want to Come to SMA” – Apprenticeship Night

Buket at the Apprenticeship Night

Buket at the Apprenticeship Night

Kassel, main train station and cultural center, 5 pm. As I enter the building, I look for the exhibit hall hosting the “Kassel Apprenticeship Night” an event where students can gather information about potential careers. A team of apprentices from various companies in Kassel organized the entire event under the slogan “From Us For You.” In one section, I see disco lights flashing and a DJ busy at the turntables. That must be the apprenticeship fair. A young man in an orange T-shirt greets me with a friendly smile and hands me a program. “This highlights everything that’s going on tonight,” he says. “Be sure to check out the dance performances.” I smile back and head on in. The space is bathed in colored lights while house music pulsates in the background. Not bad.

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